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Dehydrating Ground Beef Recipe

How to Dehydrate Ground Beef ?

Ground meat that has been cooked and preserved well can be added to any meal to make it yummier. Be they spaghetti, burritos, or even tacos, the ground meat will add the nutritional value and make everything truly enthralling. To get the best out of the ground meat, here is how to prepare it on your own.

  1. Get grounded beef from the local supermarkets. Make sure to look for the type that has the lowest content of fast because it will last longer without spoiling. You d not need to ground beef everyday, prepare enough so that you only need to add to the meal and enjoy without going to the oven.
  2. Cook all the beef in the normal way. Remember that once you are through with the process, you will not be cooking it, but only adding to the meals; therefore, it should be ready to eat. For people who love seasonings, this is the best point to include them. Seasonings are useful in making the ground beef suitable for more meals.
  3. Drain all fat that by squeezing it from the cooked beef. The more the fat that the beef will have, the faster it will spoil. You can add a cup or two of water and dry again to ensure that all the fat and grease has been removed.
  4. Use a dehydrator to dry the ground cooked meat. Spread the meat carefully on the trays to a thickness of about ΒΌ of an inch. This will dehydrate the beef completely to make storage easier and make it possible to last longer.
  5. Set the dehydrator to about 65 degrees C (145 degree F) and then leave it to run continuously for about 7-8 hrs. For many people, the ideal time to do start the process is before going to sleep. By morning, the dehydrator will have completed its work and stopped. Make sure pay most of your attention to the big meat pieces that could take longer to dehydrate. Before removing the ground beef and declaring the process complete, get a big piece and break it open to check whether it has dried completely. For a perfectly ground dry beef, it should have a brittle, tougher and assuming a darker outlook compared to the original content. In case you are unsure of the process, run the dehydrator for a few more hours. You can never dehydrate beef too much.
  6. Once the beef has dried completely, allow to cool for safety. Scoop the ground meat into air tight bags such a ZipLoc types and then store in the refrigerator. You can pull out a bag for every meal or carry it to your holiday destination, camping or even use when you have celebrations with friends. If you prefer to store outside the refrigerator, dehydrated ground beef will last for about one month. However, you are sure of enjoying the meat for up to 6 months when stored well in the fridge.

When preparing meals, simply add some water and it will rehydrate easily within 5 minutes. It is advisable to add to your food at the beginning of the process and then continue to simmer for 10-15 minutes.

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