Making Homemake Yogurt With A Dehydrator

In the modern life, almost people do not usually have enough time to go outside to buy anything they want or they need. Therefore, at the weekend, most people, especially housewife often go to the market to choose the available foods because it will be easier for them to make. Due to the global development, the foods or drinks which all ones need are required more and more highly. Nowadays, they often pay attention to not only the nutritional food but also the food which is useful for their beauty or appearance. Yogurt is one of the foods which can meet most needs mentioned above. There are many way to make yogurt. However, the best way which can help makers both save their times and make a delicious food is that make yogurt with a dehydrator. In this article, I will show you how to make homemade yogurt with a dehydrator.


You usually see some familiar question during the time when you make yogurt with a dehydrator such as “Why can yogurt be as thick as it is frozen?” or “Why does yogurt have natural acidity?” All of these are thanks to the process of dehydration. I will help you understand more details about the dehydration of yogurt. During this process, the most important factor which is create is acid lactic.  It will make the pH of milk decrease. When yogurt becomes thicker, its pH is 4.7. Generally, acid lactic is the most important one in the process of yogurt’s dehydration. It is made from the ferment of lactose that make yogurt thick like it is frozen. Besides, it make yogurt have its own special smell.


Instead of making yogurt with a traditional way that after pouring milk and yogurt into jars, you place them in a basin which was poured the amount of warm water, and then it is dehydrated until 8 hours or 9 hours, it will be more convenient for you if you own a dehydrator. It seems that making yogurt with traditional way will waste more time than making it with a dehydrator. However, to make homemade yogurt with a dehydrator which is required a determined receipt. The following part I will show you the way how to make it.



  • 1 gallon of raw or whole milk.

1 gallon = 4.54 liters (England)

1 gallon = 3.78 liters (American)


First step: Pour your milk into a sauce pan, and then boil it. You are allow to stir this mixture until its temperature gets 185 degrees. It means that after 5 minutes, you can stir it. It will be easy for you to recognize its exact temperature at this point that the milk will froth.

Second step: After 5 minutes, remove this sauce pan from heat. You can wait for it until the mixture of milk is a little cold, or you can place it into an ice bath. However, when you make this with any way, the exact temperature which you need to get is 110 – 120 degrees. It is up to your taste.

Third step: Mix cultured yogurt or yogurt starter (that cultured yogurt should be maintained in a room temperature makes yogurt better). Stir this mixture well.

Fourth step: Pour slowly the mixture of milk and yogurt starter into containers, jars or any cans you like. Based on their quantity, our products will have difference sizes. Maybe you enjoy a big yogurt’s jar.

Final step: Put them into dehydrator. Take care of burning your hands. It’s time for you to just set the dehydrator of temperature and time. To have a delicious yogurt, the most suitable temperature you should set is 110F and the time is about 7 hours, but you can set it for 9 hours. If yogurt is dehydrated with a longer time, it makes our product thicker and more acid. All these are up to how you want your yogurt.

After the dehydration of yogurt with a dehydrator, you can placed all of these in the fridge. According to my experience when you make homemade yogurt with a dehydrator, a delicious yogurt jar after making is that when you get the yogurt jar upside down, its mixture of milk and cultured yogurt does not pour outside. It also means that you set the temperature and time of dehydrator exactly.

You can add any fruits into this mixture such as strawberry, blueberry, even cheese. It will help the taste of yogurt very well.


First of all, yogurt is the food which is useful for your health:

  • Yogurt is one of the meals which is in diet menu because it includes more calcium so as to burn the lumber more quickly.
  • Protect your digestive system.
  • Help your meal have a hearty appetite due to vitamin B included yogurt.
  • Prevent from tooth decay.

It seems that yogurt is an important food with women because it is very useful for them to caring for their beauty

  • Supply moisture for your skin. You can combine yogurt with bee’s honey, and then massage your face with this mixtures. It makes your skin becomes smoother and lighter. You just spend two times a week to on doing like this.
  • Help your skin become lighter and white. You can mix lemon into the mixture of yogurt to create a beauty product for your skin face.
  • Yogurt is also a medicine which can treat greasy skin and pimple.
  • Help your skin decrease bruise.


In conclusion, making homemade yogurt with a dehydrator is not only made with an easy way but also have many benefits. You will not waste much time for making yogurt when you own a dehydrator. Just spend a little time at the weekend, you will have a delicious and useful food. Moreover, you can combine yogurt with any fruit you like. It will make our product more nutritional. Are you ready for making yogurt with a dehydrator in the basic steps I mentioned it above. Let’s make it and enjoy yogurt!

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